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      Its the old noise, the old sound! she whispered, tremulously.

      Indeed! he said, rolling another cigarette. So you will have to do with The Penman; and I shall take it as a favor if you cease to worry what remains of his hair off head, and learn as much as you can without any great inconvenience.

      Yes, said Lady Wyndover, you have the world before you. It will be at your feetall society at your feetbefore many weeks, days, have passed.And you care for him so much? she said.

      Right away, capn, responded Bill. He turned up his eyes at the bandage apologetically. Any one ud think, by the appearance of me, that Id lost the whole uv my scalp, instead o only havin one side o my hair cut; but dont let on about it now. He jerked his head toward Mother Melinda, who, with her arms akimbo, was watching him with a surgeons pride. Ill wait till I get outside fore I takes the blamed thing off. It wouldnt do to hurt her feelins, Varley; shes as proud of it as if shed took a leg off me.


      Esmeralda explained where the camp lay, and added that she lived there.I dont know; I believe so! said Trafford. I know nothing of Miss Chetwynde; and I only talked with her for a few minutes. I didnt ask her if she possessed two millions.


      His emotion kept him silent for nearly a minute, then he said, with a smile:


      The young lady had exhibited a rare indifference upon the great trousseau question. She was not one of those girls whose finery is all external, and who hide rags and tatters[Pg 288] under ?sthetic colouring and Raffaelle draperies. She was too much of an artist to endure anything unseemly in her belongings, and her everyday clothes, just as they were, might have been exhibited, like a Royal trousseau, without causing any other comment than, "How nice!" "What good taste!" "What exquisite needlework!"